Sunday, October 31, 2010

Class Party, The Final Year ♥

Yesterday was our unforgettable final year class party.
Went there around 1630 with Chai Ping, Leng Yen and Mun Jann to do early preparations.
Venue : Billy's house.
The party was supposed to start at 1700 but delayed to more than an hour.
No one was complaining generally.
Many of them were late.
Jeslin came not long after us three.
Started with washing veges and marinating the squids that Leng Yen cleaned before with Tomyam sauce.
Yen is a good girl.
I can't imagine how hard was it to clean 4kgs of squids.
She will be a good wife in the future.XD
My tiny fingers was covered by the smell of marinating item and it was fun marinating and cutting the squids.
Darn cold.

#Leng yen and Chai Ping
Mun Jann even brought ladies finger from her grandpa's farm.
It's actually red and I had never seen it before.

Prepared spaghetti with Jeslin while Leng Yen and Mun Jann tried to unfreeze stuffs.
The guys were outside preparing the BBQ stuffs.
Learn to how cook spaghetti from Jeslin.
Thanks, Jeslin.
Both the white and red sauce were delicious.
Unfortunately, the spaghetti was too much and we were lack of sauce! 
Almost everything was in mess in the beginning.
Chew even tried to knock the charcoal with the sharper part of the knife instead of the back of it!
We stopped him, before the knife actually become blunt.Hilariously.
Everyone started to arrive.
Fun atmosphere!

#The smaller BBQ.There's a bigger one outside.

^^Check out the pictures.^^

  • Us!

  • I still wonders.Who prepared it?
  •  Our lovely monitor and her assistant.
Everyone, meet Kwong Wei and Chai Ping!

  • According to height.=D

  •  She's photogenic, I'm not.

  • early preparations.
  •  Meet our dear class monitor, Miss Chai Ping!
  •  Food

  •  The guys do enjoy eating.See the way they ate...
  •  Smile!
  •  This was when we asked him to posed for Lee Hwa since she's not there.
  •  Omo! Meet our cute Leng Yen!
  •  Looks delicious!
  • Namira!
  •  Frying burger patties.
  •  This two people darn hilarious when they posed!
  • Monitor and assistant barbecuing.
  •  He kept eating the over-grilled food yesterday! Pity him....

*The party ended earlier than expected.
Was really tired but had lots and lots of FUN!

♥ ♥ ♥

-The End-

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