Friday, March 16, 2012



It's my supper.
Chee Cheong Fan

Parents got it from Chinatown, 
I'm in Sitiawan, btw, so it's not the one in KL

I so can't understand how these two old lovebirds could ride the motorbike so far,
from the house to Chinatown.
It's far.


I so don't want for school reopen now..too lazy

after woke up everyday at noon in the holidays, 
I can imagine how it is, since i have quite some years of schooling experience rite?
Still, it sucks...



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A bit of this and that

This post might be a bit long.
I'm squeezing kinda everything to one post.



It's the second day of school holiday.
I'm so speechless now.
Got some "need to be done " thingies but I'm just too not in the mood.

One word, BORED.

Let's see what comes first, 


This is my simply splashed paint onto black paper.
Maybe just going to stick a few plain papers on top of  it later.
Did it for the class.
Each one of my class' seventeen students taking different things to decorate.
I'm taking the PA subject.
Believe, it wasn't my initial ideal  one.
But did it because it's easy and saves time.


A matter circulating, being slim and losing weight?
It just doesn't work for me.
I'm a lazy person and with no wit to success in this.
There's a thing going on in my class now.
The girls are dieting.
Which I didn't join in coz I'm just a "hungry ghost"...kekeke
There's a few times already that I was asked,
"Aren't your's class people are on diet now?" in the school canteen.
My answer, "They are dieting, not me"
I truly respect them!
"SALUTE" haha...I dont have the strong wilt as they have.
although that I need to be on diet as i'm overweight..XD

I wonder too, how my exam marks will come out to be,
especially my MUET essay.


To cool down my anger coz didn't get to go to SG, I brought some stuffs on Sunday.
Yes, I maybe a shopaholic-to-be or already is one.

 Bio-essence Platinum 10 in 1 BB Cream, earrings and hair clips.


And here's two of my Product review.

1# Bio-Essence Platinum 10 in 1 BB Cream.


 This is random.Bio Essence Aqua BB Cream.There's still a bit left in the bottle.
More to moisturising.And I like the smell better, though


I brought it during an offer.
RM 54 something cents, will cost RM 70+ for normal price.
Brought at Guardian.
And there's Hada Labo offer too but I didn't buy.

*It's stated 10 in 1 Effects.
*I like the packaging.It so shiny that I can see face on it.^^
*It doesn't smell bad, although I like the Aqua BB Cream's smell better.
*It doesn't dry out my skin, so it's suitable for me and dry skin peoples. If you are looking for moisturising  ones, try Bio Essence Aqua BB Cream, very moisturising but doesn't last long, maybe less than 4 or 5 hours. Platinum last longer.
*It's longer lasting but less than 12 hours and it's oil controlling.
*effect is quite nice, just the kind that I like.
*The texture is kinda like sandy a bit , maybe to cover up imperfections?
*It's kinda instant light up.Much fairer .
*For those who don't have much skin problem or just little bits, it made ur skin look flawless.
*It's in LIQUID from, so it spread easily , no need to scare of cracking looking skin.Even those makeup beginners will love it!
*If it's applied thinly, it's kinda "no make-up" look.Just in case you look bad caused by not enough sleep or tiredness, just apply some and it does have the energised look.I love this one.

Rating : 4/5

Another product review.

Lip balms.

Let's see .
I'm am a person who often have cracken lips, somethings to bleed...


Up till now,  just try guessing what products had I used before.

Vaseline, Mentholatum Lip Ice, Mentholatum Water Lip, SebaMed, one korean lip balm which I dunno what brand it is, Maybelline , etc...


For me, Vaseline and Sebamed is the WORST.
It made my skin worst, it's like a layer of plastic that can't be absorbed on the lip.It's only my opinion , though.

The Mentholatum Waterlip is just okay.

Lip Ice and Maybelline BabyLips tops my favourite!
I like BabyLips better , though
specifically, Smoothing Cherry.


Went for a wedding dinner at Michellin Star Restaurant , yesterday.
i don't know why I chose to go either.
It was a cool, cool day yesterday.

The one HellisH thing is that electricity blackout at around 10 something at night!!

Time for pictures.

That's all for this post...


I'm Blaabbling~


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Long time no see & school holiday starts

Do not know what to write and lazy too....
Pathetic isn't it?

Let's see, what had gone by, 

exam, chew ming's birthday celebration, etc and etc....

It's holiday but I have nowhere to go...
Straight away, the feeling is DOOOMMMMMM...
Very "pek chek" ...
And can't go SG too....i want shopping....argghhh

Everything around starts to get bored and meaningless lately...

I think I will let pictures and explanations speak the rest of my speech...XD


1# Teaching mummy and daddy to camwhore^^

 2# Afterwards, tried thick type of eyeliner for the first time!

3# Covered another side of the eye, 
I never success in drawing balanced eyeliner yet^^

4#Chew Ming's birthday celebration

5#This is the result of getting too much of myself...
Maybe no one could ever understand whatever am I blabbling now....
Btw, its my new twitter profile picture...XD

It's SO HARD to draw it balance..
Which I have yet to master it well...

6#Last but not least, my hair have two layers so i took a picture of both types.
Which one look nicer?

***THE END***

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dream High 2 OST - B Class Life

The song is quite relaxing for me, although I like the first season better...^^

The romantization is with the MV and here's the translation....

I am a boy just a boy
Just a boy out of many boys
I'm not anything special, I don't have much to show off
I'm that kind of person

I am a girl just a girl
Even if you see me passing by, I'm a girl you don't know
I'm not pretty at all and my eyes and nose are average
I'm that kind of person

* We are B B B-level, wanting to be A-level
We are ab-ab-abnormal, wanting to stand on the peak
We are B B B-level, wanting to be A-level
We are ab-ab-abnormal, wanting to stand on the peak

Our errands aren't really important
We only have pointless places to spend
We are only shedding useless sweat beads
More than my frustrated heart is the frustrated people around me
And seeing their faces makes even me tired

* repeat

Will the day come when I find that 
Something special in me and show it off?
Before I lose what little dreams I have left in me,
Will the light shine on me too?

* repeat

We are a B