Friday, October 29, 2010

Music Bank 291010!2PM wins K-Chart again on Music Bank !

After a break last week due to a live baseball game broadcast, Music Bank is back again with a fun and exciting show filled with amazing performances as usual.
There were several eye-catching comeback stages tonight, featuring 2AM and SNSD, while rookie group Touch also made their belated debut after M! Countdown and Music Core last week. There were goodbye stages also for SHINee, Se7en and B2ST.
Last week’s winner, 2PM was back in the running for #1 against Gummy for the K-Chart. In the end, it was 2PM gets their second consecutive win for “I’ll Be Back”. Congratulations to 2PM!
Note:Loves how JYP artist shares their joy when one of them wins.
They shared the joy even for seconds.

Check out these performance too.

2PM's I'll Be Back!

The SNSD girls never seem to stop, and here they are back again after seven months with their new title song, “Hoot“, despite being in the midst of promoting their Japanese singles.
With a 009 James Bond-ish concept, the girls have gone retro this time, as they begun their full promotions with their first comeback stage on the October 29th episode of Music Bank
Note: SNSD really shows a different standard here.I would conclude it as a breakout.
Their performance is just "WOW"!

After 27 months since making their debut, 2AM finally released their 1st studio album, “Saint O’Clock“, and they continued with promotions on the October 29th episode of Music Bank.
The boys do not deviate much from their ballad roots of the past in their comeback, with their two title tracks, “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls” and “Like Crazy“.  Still though, each performance has been designed to give fans a different audio-visual experience.
Note: Loves their vocal.A true ballad group!

 Miss A
Next Asia's Wonder Girls.
They're gorgeous!

-----Goodbye stages-----

After much controversy and turmoil over the past few days, the SHINee boys returned to the stage on the October 29th episode of Music Bank.
Unfortunately for Shawols, it was their goodbye stage for “Hello” but it has been a very successful promotional run for SHINee in terms of album sales and wins.
Check out their performance below!
 Some fans are just too busy body.
Too free to criticise on their idol's relationship. 
Hey!What's wrong with people want to be with the one that they loves?

BEAST - Breathe

SE7EN - Better Together + Digital Bounce

 *Not really interested in others.LOL

Credits to : Allkpop!

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