Thursday, April 21, 2011


It's my offday.
Sleep is my priority.
Thinking of going Thursday market at first.
But the weather was darn hot and I was having some headache on my right brain..
Night plan, TESCO.
Priority; strawberry.
Went to shop at the outside shops first.
Saw a lot but didn't buy any clothes nor shoes.
Ended up, brought a pants for mum.
Hmm...why is it so hard to find any suitable ones?
Head in the market line.
My favourite sushis finish le...
Quickly find strawberries!
Saw a last one...
But it's a bit sour also...

It's written Korean strawberry.
I thought Korea's strawberry is sweet one?

So happy when I open it...all red

Also strawberry yogurt...Love drinking yogurt..

It's a normal day...
It's a happy day.
It's my day...


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Latest updates

It's dark at morning, yet I want to blog about my recent happenings.Dummy..babo^^

New Year gone, Chinese New Year gone, Cheng Meng gone, what else?

It enters my fourth month; I mean my work at The Store as a cashier.
Gonna resign at the end of the month.No mood to work already.
Had been spending lots N lots of money...
Mostly on food and some on toiletries/cosmetics plus magazines.

Among those that I brought are these; only the toiletries/cosmetic(I ate finish almost every food I brought already, and my weight gained..XD)

 *Inside got varieties of mask, it's quite cheap actually but it's comfortable.

 *Don't often get the chance to apply the BB cream(Cannot put on to work coz it will melt caused by the heat of the sun) and it's quite expensive compared to other brands.
*Don't really like the softener coz it made me felt a bit weird.Brought it together with the facial cleanser.

*Hmm, what should I say?It's limited edition and it costs me about 6o ringgit...LOL
The fun thing is that it will vibrate when the button is pressed...hehe

*Found it quite okay!

*Haven't start use yet, no comment.

It's expensive but I brought the wrong size. Should but the soft one instead of the medium one.

 *Review:it's comfortable and weightless...
But I haven't use finish other brand, don't want to waste so gonna use after using finish others.


Hmmm, I'm currently thinking of buying a camera and handphone.
Any suggestions?
Budget is around Rm500 for each of it.
Regret that I spent so much of money on other things.
Should have save and save.

And also, I got the National Service.
Very very very unwilling to go.

And some more, I'm going for form 6.
Still want to fool around hometown for another 2 more years, plus it save the foundation fees and gives me more time to choose which course I want.

Ah!Have I mentioned that I got 6As and 4Cs for my SPM?
A+ for English and Moral Education,
A for Mathematics and Accounts,
A- for Malay and History,
C+ for Add. Maths and Physics,
C for Biology and chemistry..
I'm not interested in Science subjects.

I sleeps very few hours lately and am sleepy almost at every moment.LOL

++I very lazy to tell more already.