Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Penang trip

Well, went to Penang organised by school last friday.
Sorry for lack of pictures.
Although I got my new hp, I'm still figuring why the camera album can't be upload to the computer.

It was a RUSH!

Try to imagine.
School ends at 12.10pm and the trip was at 2pm..
I went late btw,LOL.But i'm not the latest.

Went for Botany Garden first, coz the trip was organised by the school's Agro club.
The view there was quite awesome.
Lots and lots ppl were jogging and were monkeys.
plus got a tree that the flower is purple,
something that kinda look like cherry blossom...

For dinner, went to Gurney Drive area.

Was planning on eating at Gurney Drive but lots of probs la...
then I decided to look for Stella and the rest who went for Gurney Plaza.
At first, it was only me who joined Stella, Emy, Alex and Yeap.
BBQ Plaza!Whhippee!
Then Leng Yen followed too...^^
Soong and Yee Hui went other place coz the food doesn't suit them.
 Some of those food are awesome while beef and lamb doesn't really suit my taste...
Overally, IT was still an AWESOME it^^

We start to shop at Gurney Plaza then.
Spent most of the time at FOS and got others la..
Next, we checked in at Asia Heritage Hotel!
The outer view wasnt that nice but the inner view is quite nice, like retro style?

After we unpack, we hang out for quite some time though.
Was planning to eat some supper at some stall nearby but ended up going to eleven twice at Komtar nearby.
Brought cup mee, and the whole bunch of us ended up eating cup mee at the eating area in the hotel

Here comes the next day.

Went to Ayer Hitam for Penang Laksa and Kek Lok Si temple.
I dont really want to go to the temple but no choice lo.
The laksa tasted weird at the first bite, quite weird!
Must try a few more mouth.
Quite spicy though.

Then, it's time for shopping!
But unfortunately, not feeling well on that day, I have to say.
Yee hui too...poor girl.
Queensbay Mall.
Just hang around.
Went to FOS again coz they want to.
I want to find something for parents but ended up didnt.
Its either not suitable or the price is soaring high.
I did shop though and brought quite somethings.
Brought myself a hair accessory and hair band+earring for mum...
and also brought some wife-cake and egg-tarts from Wong Kok Restaurant.
don't know why but I like their egg tart quite a bit!

BUT! what frustrated me is that, 
Padini having a 50% and 70% discount!
Damn!I miss it.
Was supposed to buy some but out of time...
The queue was damn long and the time to get on the bus was near so ended up didnt purchase anything.
Should had queue for it!
It was our last destination anyway and a lot of them was late to get on the bus.
Nevermind, there will be a next time and times.

Overall, it's a pleasant trip for me.
RM60 for transportation and logging is quite damn cheap.
And the time spent with friends are memorable....hehe

I just hope that I won't fall sick anymore for the next trip.
The next nearest trip, I think is BB Pesta ;3 Jun-8Jun
Went once for Pesta.It was SUPER tiring but quite memorable though.

BTW, MID-YEAR exam in another one and a half weeks more time!!!
I'm so terrified!