Saturday, October 30, 2010

Founder's Day, plus McD

  • Founder's Day.
The only word that I think to be used to picture it this year.
Seniors having it together  the primers.
When Capt. start his speech, I was like "sien, sleepy!"
When it's Chaplain's turn, worst.
Straight went to dreamland.
Dozing off...."ZZZZZZZ".
Sorry to Capt. and Chaplain yea.
But it was really bored and sleepy.XP
My fault.
 Even gaming time is BORED!
#Guessing song titles.
-Awkward and 95% bored.
5% given to their effort to organise the game.
Some of them didn't even try to sing the song out for us audience to guess, at least a sentence of it?
Freaking sick with their attitude.
Can't they just sing it out?
The most is to be embarrassed for not even a minute.
These are the memories that will make you laugh during your older days.
My advise;Do the things you don't dare to do and it will be one of your remarkable memories.
#Passing balls.
-Pass 2 balls around and receive punishment if the ball stops on your hand by the time the music stops.
 Just don't understand why they keep throwing the ball instead of passing it.
And, somehow, some acted like monkey.
Freaking out and screaming too.
By then also, they are not sporting at all.
Some of them are freaking paiseh;shy to perform the punishment given.
Owwwhhhhh!I was still there, playing sudoku and snake with my cellphone.
I didn't even got the punishment, even for once.
It's right to have fun but can't they just be more sporting?
You're not babies and children anymore right?
#Oh!Ya!Some members got promoted.All from ACS platoon.
Lazy to continue already.
To next year's organising committees,  FIGHTING and GAMBATEH!
May God bless you all in all ways to perform the best for BB!^^

  • McD
#Decided to go to McD with Serene, Alex, Kwong Wei and also Jia Hao
One word, 
Me, went with Serene's car.
Alex with Jia Hao while Kwong Wei with?Himself.
All of us except for Alex got our car license already.
Too bad my skill is not yet good enough to drive on streets.
We ate there and talk and talk and talk.
With our full uniform that looks like police's uniform somehow.
People looking at us too.
Enjoyed our time together with jokes, matters.
I wished we have more time to spend together like this.
SPM is coming and soon, everyone is leaving to different places.
Hate this kind of feeling!

^^So full with my Fillet O Fish, Mcflurry, fries and coke.
PS : Loves McFlurry!

Serene sent me and Alex home.
Talking non-stop on the car, crapping there.
That's why it's so FUN with these buddies.
Never ending conversations.

#PS : Love you guys! Muacks!

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