Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Christmas.

Has been busy these few days.
Church's Christmas celebration in Penang, Christmas celebration at Pastor's House.
Spent almost the whole day sleeping on Christmas but had to attend a birthday dinner with mum.
Daddy was sick.Poor fellow.
Darn.The restaurant;Ah Hing Restaurant , served the dishes out really slow.
It's felt like forever waiting for the dishes.

  • After the dinner.It's weird that I can wore the contact lens so easily today.
Without editing or makeup.Was sleeping and suddenly Pei asked me to go with mum.

Christmas is over now.
Gonna be another busy day.
Got to go to church later and there's BB's AGM at 2pm.
And I have yet to polish my items.LOL
Should I stay with the BBs for dinner tomorrow?I'm lazy!

I don't think have anything for the next weeks.
Currently wanting to find a job but dunno where and how to find one.LOL

And there's something else.
I miss my friends!
We graduated high school and it's hard to meet them again!
Life without school and friends are bored.
Miss their teasing, laughter and chitchatting!
I miss you, girls!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Penang in an hour time.

Will be going to Penang for church's Christmas Celebration later.
They asked us to gather at 11.30am.
Don't really feel like going.
My eyes can hardly open and my mind could hardly concentrate on anything now.
Slept too late just now.

We're going with buses.Two of them.
It's 40 seated so I don't expect it to be comfortable.
And, I have yet to find any partners to sit beside me.
It's will be nice if the person who's gonna to sit beside me doesn't talk much and doesn't smells.
Hate those aunties who keep talking until interrupt my sleep.
And worst, those who smells badly.

Current mood: moody and sleepy.

Hmmm...should I go to the Thursday market to shop for a while, I wonder?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mine art.

Just simply updating as has nothing to post up lately.
Bored though.
Even if I went anywhere, I don't have a camera to capture the moment.Sad.

Did it on early Sunday morning.
Sticking the paper one by one...
Maybe I'm crazy.
The papers are from the ones I'm not going to use anymore.

After SPM, books and papers have to be tidy up.
There are lots of them...
And I wonder what am I going to do with the books

Friday, December 17, 2010

Church camp **ENDED**

Was forced to go but not too bad.
A total of 59 participants.
Sitiawan +  Penang youths.
Has no mood to elaborate at this hours.
Maybe I should wait if there will be photos posted up by the Penang youths some time later.
Really wish that I have a camera..LOL
The most exciting part was today. Barbecuing time.



Thursday, December 9, 2010

Exam = END!

Finally, exam ends...
studied at eleventh minute!Bad choice!
But the worst thing is I can hardly meet my friends again!

Accounts today...
Knew how to solve almost every question of paper 1...
But, paper 2 was darn hard...
And there's Buku Tunai Runcit!
I never revise that as it was not in my tuition notebooks!
Maybe it's just my luck...
Maybe I'm greedy but I hope I get at least A- for Accounts...

Friday, December 3, 2010

8 Seconds Easy Hair Bun !★ 八秒丸子頭★

 Found this recently...
For the past, I had found it so difficult to tie a bun hair!
My hair has layers and not really long enough to tie it, so it's fugly last time...
But recently, I found this video!
A simple way to tie a bun hair.

 If you are impatient,just click to 1:18 on the video.

*From Queenie! Go watch her videos in Youtube.
There's a lot of tips about makeups and hair!

My worse moment!

Just got asked by a friend just now..
Tee asked whether I want him to help to check which batch of National Service that I'm in.
Since the first batch's area is already on the website.
At first I rejected but since the site got traffic problem, he helped..

That's the worse part!

I'm NOT in the first batch!


It's so sui already that I'm got selected in NS but now, 2nd or 3rd batch?


See, people!
2nd is the time where people apply for college mostly.
3rd is the worst.People already in college!

What a hectic news in the middle of SPM exam!

My luck must have gone really bad...

Malaysian government totally SUCKS!

#What Other countries do?
  1. They do not include girl in their training!
  2. There are only guys that got selected!
  3. Their facilities are much better!
  4. Their training is for 2 years!
  5. Their training is absolutely strict just like army
-Just for the sake for their face we have to go...DARN CRAZY.
-It promotes more corruption..They gain money while doing the camp.
-What is it on earth that there's such people putting girl in the training!
-There's been deaths in the camp before!
-They doesn't really care bout people's health!
-There had been a LOT of cases with ghosts from the previous camps!Isn't it scary?