Friday, October 29, 2010

101029-My Diary, My Moment.

  • 0800 : Founder's Day.
In another nine more hours, Founder's Day of BB(Boys' Brigade) 2nd Manjung Company is coming! 
You must wonder why there's girl in BB right?
In Malaysia, girls are allowed in BB since 1994 if I'm not wrong.
I'm in BB for five years already.
Five lightning years had gone.
And I'm a corporal in rank now.

I wonder if I can really fit into my uniform since I had not wear it for months already.
Hopes that nothing goes wrong tomorrow.
Scared of being a stranger more tomorrow.^^
Gosh!I have not polish my items yet!

  • 1700 : 5S2 Class Party!
In 15 more hours, 5S2 class party.
Final party for secondary school!
Too bad, some of my classmates are not attending.LOL

  • We are having

So, it's gonna be burning hot.
Girls, better don't near the fire often.
Pimples will pop out!Keke^^

Please do not let the sky cry tomorrow.
Let our part be a memorable one!

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