Saturday, October 30, 2010

Class Party 2010-Short one

Very lazy to write a post.
Tired lo.
Me, Chai Ping, Leng Yen and Mun Jann went to Billy's house to prepare at around 1620.
We were the first to arrive beside some guys.
Prepared this and that.
The party was supposed to start at 1700 but turn out to be more than an hour later...
Due to some circumstance.
Anyway, I'm glad that I could help.
Learnt how to cook spaghetti from Jeslin.
Both the white and red sauce.
Too bad that we cook too much of it.
Have fun there although not everyone of the class were there.
Our class teacher, Puan Juliana was the only teacher who stop by.
Barbecues, eating, chatting.
Don't have the pictures yet so gonna blog further on it later.
Fun and tired at the same time.
And hair filled with smoke smell.^^

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