Thursday, November 4, 2010

Besties' home

Went for Mun Jann's house to have fun on Tuesday.
She's my friend since Standard 2!
One of my besties!
Ladies and gentlemen, meet our leng lui Mun Jann!

Her house is big. Semi-D.
Waa....that afternoon I was struggling whether I want to go and decided to go for the first time.
We said that I'll follow her home after account tuition.
LOL.Account tuition just started and the streets of Kg Acheh turned dark.
No electricity.
Went to her house with bags of snacks and clothes.
We sit there online and chat for the first night.
Even on bed, we were chit-chatting about this and that...
Mostly chat about our past memories and people...
 Day2 morning, she went for driving lesson.
She's taking her car license soon.
Everyone, wish her good luck yea!
After she came back, we went to her kitchen to search for food.
Her house really got lots of things to eat...So Syok!
Ate lasagna, pizza and chicken!
Love the Pizzahut lasagna most!
our lunch was curry, some unknown veges with prawn and ladies fingers.
Normally I don't dare eat much veges but that really tasted good.
Spent most of our time watching drama infront of her laptop!

After our dinner, we went for snacks.

We stopped eating, before we finish half of it...
Ate too much.
Later gain lots of weight.=D

Somemore got marshmallow with chocolate syrup and biscuits!
Continued watching drama and stopped a while later to study a bit while waiting for drama to load.
She did add maths but I just sat there...
Once I open the Biology and History book, I started yawning!
Beh tahan meh!
Wake up next morning and took some pictures before going back....

*Check it out!

Front view of her house.
Loves the lavender!

Her grandpa built this!
Infront her house.

Mun Jann's grandpa's farm. There's even red coloured ladies finger planted there.

Also built by her grandpa.

Loves this place.
Just beside the river and it will be nice to barbecue there!

Infront of the house and farm!

Their raft!

Seeing something far.

Big big cupboards.

Loves the light colour.

Plasma tv...Darn big but very nice to watch dramas.

Her japanese style dining room!

That's what we were infront of usually.

Breakfast table.

With red and green ladies fingers!
See a red one before?
I even ate it!


Our selcas.

Photo of the day!


  1. haha very cute and the house is big huh! =)

  2. wah your besties house damn nice and big!

  3. seriously, the house is so nice with multiple type of design

  4. Hi, are you in any chance related to Yeoh Kee Song? I'm actually an ex-ACSian. Haha. Small world right?

    Cheerios x)

  5. melmonica, you are Melissa Newton right?
    I'm Kee Song's youngest sister.

  6. I see I see. How is she? Long time didn't see her already *heee

  7. Lovely house made even more lovely with you 2 awesome girls :)

  8. melmonica, I think she's fine..
    she went over to Canada, to my aunt's place last year for her degree...
    so I don't think she is coming back in another 2 or 3 years.

  9. snowman, thxthx!she'll will really like that compliment!

    albert, thx for your compliment yea!

  10. Holla! i cross from NN. Nice posting.. =)


  11. thx everyone for you compliment!