Monday, January 3, 2011

3rd Jan 2011-First day working

Got a job at The Store supermarket.
Part time cashier.
Did packaging first ...
There's so many steps to press the machine.
With credit card is much worst.
Worked on Cashier 12.Morning shift.
With a senior named Nabila...
She's nice...
Teached me properly and patiently....
It's nice to have someone to talk to even that it's the first day.
Wan Sing and Leng Yen working too...
Different department.
Ate my lunch with Wan Sing.
I only know my schedule for tomorrow...
Cashier job is more troublesome.
Maybe because it holds bigger responsibilities....
See the difference.
All the department's attendance book is either on the long table or the receptionist's table.
But as for cashier, we have go to Cashier department to write it.
Not bad for the first day, almost everyone is friendly....

80/100 for the job although there's mistakes.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 ...The first day...

It's the first day.
Started the day with online.Haha.That' what I did first almost everyday...
And next was breakfast.
Went to the market with parents.
So sleepy when I went back but didn't went for sleep.
Later went to take photo coz need for work.
So, decided to wear the contact lens.
Maybe it's because I'm lack of sleep that the contact lens made my eyes teary and pain.
Insisted to wear it and it went well later.
But, a little accident happened when I took it out.
Thank GOD nothing serious happened, only the eyeball became red and it's better after having a long nap.
  • Selca 

  • Wore a T-shirt;gift from 2nd sis.Thx very much!hehe..
I don't think she read my blog.
Coincidentally, the year written on the shirt is 1928, same as the year of the candy box that she asked me to chose from when she came back from HK.Hehe...

    • My passport sized photo.Looks kinda weird here.

    To my dear friends, I really do miss you all now~
    To have realised that we would not be able to meet each other in a long time kinda made me sad.
    I will start my part time job at The Store supermarket on the 3rd.
    And a few of my friends are going for National Service on the same day or maybe tomorrow, not sure of it.
    Not to mention some went for January intake in colleges/universities.

    Dear besties and friends, I wish you all the best of luck and have all your ways go smoothly!