Sunday, November 20, 2011

Miss the long time...


I don't know how did I thought about the weird title for this post..
Its not quite , but very weird..

Updating my blog quite often lately.
And here's another one.

Going to start work at The Store tomorrow, 10.00a.m.
Back to school.
I so "cha" that I forgot to ask about the working hour and how much is the pay for the job...
 I do hope to get reasonable salary.
Have quite some things to buy on my list.
Ermmm, should I say a lot?
wait wait, 


maybe not that lot...
Less than 10?
I think so...

A picture of mine ; captured today after church & lunch ...

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Parents out for wedding dinner...
So, my dinner is the leftover rice and tofus from lunch..

Hash browns as addition...^^

**Never know that hash browns could be fried without oil until I tried it just now**
Still it would taste better if fried with margarine..hehe

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I'm not really a fan of Japanese food , though.

Just happened that my friends were buying sushi yesterday at JUSCO, before we went in to the cinema to watch
 You Are The Apple of My Eye

So, i kepo go buy also....hehe
And it happened to be my breakfast + lunch today...
Although, I'm still hungry., I don't feel like eating anything...LOL
Didn't went to school.

【那些年,我們一起追的女孩】 watched & movie review

 You Are The Apple of My Eye

You Are the Apple of My Eye (那些年,我們一起追的女孩) is a 2011 Taiwanese romance film based on the story of the same name by Taiwanese author Giddens. Giddens also made his directorial debut when he self-directed this film.The film stars actor Ko Chen-Tung, who plays Ko Ching-Teng, a prankster and a mischievous student who eventually becomes a writer. Actress Michelle Chen also stars as Shen Chia-yi, an honor student who is very popular amongst the boys in her class.
You Are the Apple of My Eye made its world premiere at the 13th Taipei Film Festival on 25 June 2011.It was subsequently released in Taiwanese cinemas on 19 August 2011.

Further infos, you can refer to this link...
I went to Ipoh with my classmates, just to watch this movie.
Wow, my stupid hp line got prob and I didn't know that they
decided to go for it and when they came to fetch me, i just woke up from my nap=.=
I went with Zi Kean, Ding, De Yang and Xin Jing.
Samy, Yeap, Stella and Emy followed up some time later in another car...

Thank GOD we got the ticket !
Ngam ngam ho 9 seats...
At the front line...LOL

When we was at the entrance, an Indian uncle worker asked for IC check.
We thought all of us, so we took out our IC...
mana tau, it's he only asked for Zi Kean's.
I guess Zi Kean just looked underage.
Yea, the movie is 18+ rated.

No wonder, the movie kinda  had quite some pervert scenes...
Something like masturbation, porn and etc...
But of course, many of the scenes were cut!
The movie was supposed to air 2 hour+ plus but it only aired for 1 hour and 50 minutes...

From the trailer, it seemed like a sad story but,
It's actually a funny movie for me.
And a bit nostalgic too...
some part of it is quite lame too...

Here are some scenes that I remember.

*the boys masturbation in class...and got caught!

*the main lead practising English, he got scold by uncle at the front house, he scolded back F*** Y**.
Some time later scene, the uncle also learn to scold F*** Y**!
He scolded back F*** Y*** mother!

*the college boys peed in bottles...ewwww

*etc etc etc

Not to mention, the main actor is so HANDSOME!

heard from my friend that he was scouted when he was just walking along a street.
and, he still young; borne in  1991...

My rating : 4.5/5.0

I like the movie actually!

0.5 points gone because :
I don't like the ending 
And I don't like the fact that they cut away so many scenes!!!

If you haven't watch it, go watch it now.
Better book earlier; the seats is always full-house.
Btw, it's not available at some places.
Big cities like KL, Penang and Ipoh should have it.

Friday, November 11, 2011

♥Malacca Trip 2011♥

Well, duh!
Long time no post.
This is about the 2days 1 night Malacca Trip that I went with schoolmates,
organised by BB Primer.(I'm one of the organisers too..XD)
So, sorry if anything's wrong...T.T

Hmmm...lets see what starts first.
Oh!I remember!
Our gathering time is 9pm one night b4 the trip...
I know it sucks to spent so much time on so little briefing and others all wasted...

The moment the bus open its' door, all of us rush go on...So "sampak" rite?
I think NO!Want to find good place to sit together with friends!
 Keep talking and talking...our bus so noisy and fun...
Hmmm....Better let the pictures talk the rest...


We so funny there make vow pose!
Hmmm....prepare your heart first for the next picture.
Be calm, be calm , count 3,2,1.....

 The fake woman in the replica of traditional Malay house...

The Art Gallery...Taking pictures inside...


Enjou, Chew Ming, Zi Kean, Samy, Li Chuen, Xin Jing, Me

See we pose!Wearing the sunglasses that we bought at the Jonker Street...
So geng...We keep cutting price with the stall owner...
For those who were there, "RM130", remember?

L6D gang!
So pro all wear sunglasses, sitting in line waiting to get on the spinning tower...

Jonker Street

Nyonya Suan Restaurant!
We ate Peranakan cuisines or so called the Nyonya cuisines....
So happy to sit down after walking so long and believe me, 


Samy so yeng want eat all!HAHA

That's what we're proud of.SUNGLASSES!!!!!

Memories recorded!

Random pic of a lamp in the restaurant.

Oh right!
Know what's the meaning?

5 of us brought watches with same pattern during our shopping time at the Mahkota Parade.
Guess which is who's!
And which is mine?????

Satay Celup...they say no very nice wor...
But recomended for those who never eat b4..
This is actually my 2nd time eating it...
For me, it's still quite nice...hehehe

Chicken rice ball...
Review: Not very nice...
Maybe because it's different shop...
The one I ate few years back then was really nice!
I only remember it was around the Jonker Street but don't know which one is it...

See we pose so happily....HEHE
Well, we went for Animal World of course...PPD banned any water activities on school trip...

Some ready for pictures, some were not...

By the Wishing Well....
I wonder if it's real

Let me tell you our story of how we ended up eating here.
1st, the Bird show finish, so everyone was out for lunch...
Walk by the RM 12 eating place...Waa, so crowded, beh tahan...!
Walk walk walk somemore, saw the buffet place...RM 28 per head.
Some say expensive plus it's local cuisines only...wondering around...
Then , got ppl say okay okay only....
The one and the last choice, The Steak Corner near the entrance far...
Thank GOD it was worth it to walk there.
Got 2 price, RM30 and RM17.50.
Drinks included.
I chose the mushroom chicken..OMG, so fast ready!
It's like paying took 5-10 minutes, queuing and getting the food took around 5 minutes...
So FAST....imagine, if we waited at the RM12 food court, OMG!
The queue was like HELL LONG!!!not to mention so HOT!
So SATISFIED! And it was quite fulling coz the serving is quite large too...hehe

Teacher with her future husband.
Oh.There was one moment when the elephant was walking following its instructor...
My friends all ran "bertempiaran"..ahaha....jkjk...

on a boat to the Monkey Island...
The air there better...not so crowded...

This was what I talked about just now, remember?
Elephant walk walk, so CUTE!

A random but CUTE monkey on the Monkey Island....

Do you think he looks like the horse?
Coz they all call him 马....sorry

Waiting in line, to get on the ride!

This is my favourite picture..
Maybe because it was my best take...


I miss the trip!
So memorable to have a trip with friends...
And believe, my gang is the best of all ...hehe
Next year, got people go study outside le...
So " bu she de ".....

PS : My fellow friends, I ♥ u all!!!