Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Recent happenings

Life is bored these days.
Hectic form 6 life and having path blueness to step on in life.

Well, it had been about two weeks since I got my Xperia Neo V...
It's nice to have a smartphone sometimes,
at least I can take pictures and download songs.
although I'm very bad at finding interesting things inside.
I can't even find the android market until NOW.!


I always had makeup on my face on Sunday mornings,
for church.
And it's getting thicker nowadays; specifically the eyeliner.
Use the gel one already, though I still can't draw any tail or balance it out..

Here's some pictures I took with my new Xperia.
PS: Mostly zi pai taken by front cam so resolution not that good.


Funky nails..The down twos are cracky pink nail polish.
Put a base colour then apply the crack nail polish, blow it and will get the result.
And must put a top layer for it to shine..LOL

 RM29.90 from Miss Spring.
It's a bit tight on the front part though.

Random paper clips

My supper!
I can't believe I ate my this straight after dinner...
Kilos add add?LOL

That's it for now.
Will blog when I think of something later.

Btw, these mid year months are so busy!
Penang Trip&BB Enrolment on this weekend,
Mid year exam in two weeks time,
one week of school sem break at Pesta Johore..

Till then,