Thursday, February 28, 2013

My life after the previous post

Kinda decide to "revive" the blog just moments ago,
which was after little of thought and friend's post.
Truthfully, nowadays i'm just too lazy and just use blogger to read other's blogposts.

*PS: Picture loaded post , to make up for the rest of 2012... :P
Hey, its mostly activities from schooling days, friends party^^

Firstly, BB Pesta 2012 in Foon Yew High School, Johore

Massive 1800+ participants from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau 

Old friend, Serene!

The primers^^
Yay!I'm the middle one!

Samy's 19th birthday
 Xue er, me , Samy, Xin jing, Enjou,YeeWen, Li Chuen

Li Chuen's birthday^^
 Birthday girl got some taints ^^ 

Kah Chuen's early birthday celebration at Mcd.


 Birthday boy

Pieces of memories from school^^

Class photo


 Miss this tree beside the school hall
like 4 season tree

BB primer Graduation Dinner!!!

regret of not taking the full pic with everyone...T.T

 Dear Leng Yen, old friend

Miss Jaya's wedding dinner at teluk batik
Had to take out the pictures from fb later on coz her family doesnt like wor...
No worries

 Me and Michelle aka Niley^^
My coloured nails and her inaied palm!

Random singing k^^

Birthday cake from someone's birthday.
Massive cake taint for the boys that day!

Last but not least!
BBQ at Meili's place.


Till then,