Sunday, November 28, 2010


I wonder what is the subject for tomorrow?
Maths or Moral?

My lip balm just finished so went to Watsons today.
Coincidentally, saw masks beside the lip balm area.
Decided to buy for myself.
Just a cheap one.For fun...XD
Keep choosing and let parents wait in car...such a bad girl...=D

The mask I used.Garnier Aqua Defense Intensive Hydrating Mask.
Just a cheap one la.

This is when before I apply on my face.Fats-.-

When I applied the mask.It's light green in colour.Almost invisible.

After washing off the mask.My skin felt so soft.
Thank GOD that's no side effect coz I applied it overtime by about 5 minutes.

 #My Selca.

-SPM coming.
Lazy la.

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