Friday, December 3, 2010

My worse moment!

Just got asked by a friend just now..
Tee asked whether I want him to help to check which batch of National Service that I'm in.
Since the first batch's area is already on the website.
At first I rejected but since the site got traffic problem, he helped..

That's the worse part!

I'm NOT in the first batch!


It's so sui already that I'm got selected in NS but now, 2nd or 3rd batch?


See, people!
2nd is the time where people apply for college mostly.
3rd is the worst.People already in college!

What a hectic news in the middle of SPM exam!

My luck must have gone really bad...

Malaysian government totally SUCKS!

#What Other countries do?
  1. They do not include girl in their training!
  2. There are only guys that got selected!
  3. Their facilities are much better!
  4. Their training is for 2 years!
  5. Their training is absolutely strict just like army
-Just for the sake for their face we have to go...DARN CRAZY.
-It promotes more corruption..They gain money while doing the camp.
-What is it on earth that there's such people putting girl in the training!
-There's been deaths in the camp before!
-They doesn't really care bout people's health!
-There had been a LOT of cases with ghosts from the previous camps!Isn't it scary?


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