Friday, November 12, 2010

School magazine!

Got my school magazine this morning!
Us, the fifth formers and the six formers have to wait longer than other forms.
We got the hard covered ones!

  • Simple cover.

  •  People who worked hard all year long to make this magazine..

  •  My Uniform body...Which one is me?

  • Class Photos

  • Class DFA photos


  1. Wow, I love your school magazine.. I used to be part of the editorial board, but ours not that pro! haha XD

  2. Nice school mag (: I don't have that kind of individual shots for my school mag ):

  3. Thx, Kian Fai.

    Qi Wen, my school editorial board got quite a number of people that have dSLR so the pictures are better.
    My class photo is not the best graduating class photo.
    And the pictures that I snap of this magazine are the normal ones.
    There's pages in....
    One of the editorial board member even mention that the education officer said that we have best school magazine in Perak.
    But I do like the magazine!
    the pages are of various design and really need lots of time to edit them..

  4. Hi, always remember school days are the best days, so many good memories, so much fun! I always like to browse thru the school magazine. I guess thats the only record one would have of all one's friends in uniform!

  5. Cool school mag and in hardcover? Now where did I put mine? :)

  6. Most Dersirable: You're absolutely right!I'm starting to miss the school already!

    Alvinontherocks: yea, thx to the editorial board for their hardwork....And fifth formers plus the upper-six formers are getting hard covered ones coz we're the forms leaving the school...