Monday, November 22, 2010

Andrew's Birthday Party.No pics

Was already one something in the morning when Serene smsed me, asking whether I want to go for Andrew's birthday celebration.
Wondering the whole morning whether I want to go or not.
Thinking, thinking....
Agreed at the end...
Serene fetch me...XD..
Then, vivien.
Went to Andrew's house to gather first.
So it was Andrew;the birthday boy, me, Serene, Vivien, Ervin, Ding, Kong and Jason;the guys' friend.
Our first destination was the steamboat...
Andrew and Ervin drove...
LOL...Andrew didn't drove fast;he's fetching us, the girls.
Ervin darn dangerous at driving but he never got any accidents!
Spent about an hour at the steamboat place...
Lots of jokes and funny things.
And, that's also when they discovered that I eat my food slowly...XD
They all finished their noodles and starting to pick out the steamboat ingredients already while I just ate half of my noodles.
Nvm...I'm full enough at the end...
Second destination, Bread Forest Bakery and Cafe.
The guys were fast to arrive.
No use of driving fast since they have to stand there waiting for us ....hehe
The smell there sucks.
They ordered a cake for Andrew...
And, we sang the birthday song to wish him.
people around were looking...XD
They're fun and disgusting at the same time!
Mixed chili+tomato sauce and the leftover cake with the cherries...
Plus lots of funny things!
Third destination, Andrew's house.
His dog is darn CUTE and hyperactive!
Don't dare to go near it...
We whole bunch of people sitting in the living room watching Guangzhou Asian Games, with lots and lots of noise.
His house got ASTRO!Yeah!
Badminton man final!
Lee Chong Wei;Malaysia against Lin Dan;China...
How many times already wor they faced each other!
Unfortunately, Lin Dan won again!
I like Lin Dan more but he's more arrogant...LOL
Waaa...Ervin and Kong really can't sit still!
Walking around and touching things.
LOL...even blocking the plasma TV!
and everyone was like "WEI, move!!!"
Darn hilarious de lo both of them's actions.
Guys went back after the badminton game ended...
We stayed...Watch somemore the replays of Guangzhou Asian Games.
Plus chit chatting.....
Went back and left Andrew with his assignments...
Pity him.I think he have to work overnight for that and have to go back to KL today.
Was fun and darn hilarious, all these people!
Kept laughing and laughing the whole time...
My cheeks are tired by now...

LOL..SPM coming!
But I don't think I can study now...tired lo!
Maybe gonna sleep then later only think how...

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