Friday, December 30, 2011

2011, nearing end...

to my dear friends and family,



Miss you all so much and so muchies!

For those for you who didn't know, I spent my holiday working.
Promoter for Faber-Castell  at The Store Sitiawan, 
so if you happens to go or went there, you may saw or see me around the main entrance^^
Drop by if you want and say, HI!
and suen bian bong chan a bit hor....hehehehe
 It's quite tiring, especially for a night owl like myself, 
who always went to sleep after 2 o'clock...i mean the morning..=D

But, since it offers a higher pay than the rest, it is worth it.
can't tell you exactly how much but higher than normal part-time promoter.

I can't wait for the salary to be bank in!!!
Then , I can buy myself a new handphone!
Hello, hello , I know myself is  bit of shopaholic but my current 4 yr old hp do sucks , sometimes.

And also recently maternal grandpa's big bro passed away.
Condolences to his family.
My name is on the newspaper too, coz my mum is his goddaughter ,
which I don't know since when and so blur about it.

keep it away first.

Chatted with big sis some time back then and somehow, she promised to buy me bags if she's in good mood.
and she do keep her promise!
received the first bag already!

 in the parcel, still

Love the design, just that it's smelly...
Thanks SONG SONG!!!!
muacks muacks!!!

And try to guess what I did lately, other than work and shop.

Basically, I do hunt for cosmetics and clothes but other than that.













A new glasses for myself^^

Forgive me for my craziness but I'm so happy that I got the bag and the glasses on the same day....

How?Nice or not???

But, I think its loose, quite loose...
LOL.It's not a big big prob.

The big prob now, I'm really very SLEEPY!

So so lack of sleep these days.

The last one. 

♥ ♥ ♥

Take care, everyone!

Coz I'm off to dreamland.
Wish me sweet dreams yea^^


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