Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Its time for some snacks^^

 loves taking pics without my eyes lately.
It's my rest day today
It's not even tea time yet but I'm craving for snacks already...
So, its time for snacks!!!

Bottled Starbucks frappucino ; coffee flavoured
Brought in Singapore during September vacation^^
If I'm not wrong, it's sold for SGD2.80 in Singapore Fairprice...
It does taste better than other canned coffee.
 But I prefer the Mocha flavour more.

A pack nuts, raisins and etc^^
Pei brought it home last few weeks....
Gift from Ai Eng aunt!
From Canada^^
Oh! I love the Almond!!!
Thanks sis and gugu!!!

Hehe...I miss you all!!


A pic of me and leng yen after Pei San wedding...

Too bad that I don't have her wedding picture!
Hoping now that someone will post it on facebook.
Wedding dinner is tonight...

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