Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Christmas.

Has been busy these few days.
Church's Christmas celebration in Penang, Christmas celebration at Pastor's House.
Spent almost the whole day sleeping on Christmas but had to attend a birthday dinner with mum.
Daddy was sick.Poor fellow.
Darn.The restaurant;Ah Hing Restaurant , served the dishes out really slow.
It's felt like forever waiting for the dishes.

  • After the dinner.It's weird that I can wore the contact lens so easily today.
Without editing or makeup.Was sleeping and suddenly Pei asked me to go with mum.

Christmas is over now.
Gonna be another busy day.
Got to go to church later and there's BB's AGM at 2pm.
And I have yet to polish my items.LOL
Should I stay with the BBs for dinner tomorrow?I'm lazy!

I don't think have anything for the next weeks.
Currently wanting to find a job but dunno where and how to find one.LOL

And there's something else.
I miss my friends!
We graduated high school and it's hard to meet them again!
Life without school and friends are bored.
Miss their teasing, laughter and chitchatting!
I miss you, girls!

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