Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SG Trip 2011

Was in Singapore for the semester break...
It's school holiday after all, right?
Although it wasn't really very fun, this is better than the previous ones.....
Went to quite some places this time.
A bit of Bugis Street, Orchard Road, Somerset, Sentosa Island and Marina Square+Esplanade...

Let the story begins....

Day 1

Celebrating Yoong Sern's birthday at home...

 I like the cake. Bahsta!
This kid turns 5!

Day 2

Bugis Street
( I don't quite remember which day is which for the middle days, just guessing)

Hmm...let's see.
I brought watches, shirts and a sunglasses...
Hmm...not bad...
Went for the street so it's cheap, not branded stuffs.
But of course, the things at the Bugis Junction are far more attractive;branded stuffs..eyepain

Should have buy a pair of these...Nice and simple

Day 3


Day 4

Sentosa Island.
Saw quite a lot of handsome and pretty ones...
Even ladies in bikinis and a huge group of guys having some sort of camp there...
Let the pictures do the explanation.

 Singapore's Merlion

 A lot of sweets and chocolates inside...

 Eldest playing in the water
 Twins eating their lollipop
 The Casino..
Spot the white tent...?A large group of young guys there having some camp or something...

Day 5

Sort of Somerset, Orchard and Marina Square...
Leg was very tired back from Sentosa but continue to walk very long distance still...

 H&M 1st store Opening in SD...
Mad long lines of crowd...
There's people that starts to queue around noon the day before it's opening....

Very Nice!Malaysia have it too...Somewhere around Garden Mall i think.
And the, dinner time...

 My meal for that night.
Seafood Kimchi Ramen, Korean rice cakes(dubbokki) and ice-cream yogurt!
Awesome food...
How nice if Sitiawan also got...

 The Ramen was super spicy together with the kimchi but the ice-cream yogurt kinda did a great relieving job for my tongue...hehe...

Somewhere around Esplanade...People performing....

Day 6 & 7

Rest + Back to Sitiawan.....

Other moments~

Like this one the most...
Taken in Sentosa

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