Thursday, April 21, 2011


It's my offday.
Sleep is my priority.
Thinking of going Thursday market at first.
But the weather was darn hot and I was having some headache on my right brain..
Night plan, TESCO.
Priority; strawberry.
Went to shop at the outside shops first.
Saw a lot but didn't buy any clothes nor shoes.
Ended up, brought a pants for mum.
Hmm...why is it so hard to find any suitable ones?
Head in the market line.
My favourite sushis finish le...
Quickly find strawberries!
Saw a last one...
But it's a bit sour also...

It's written Korean strawberry.
I thought Korea's strawberry is sweet one?

So happy when I open it...all red

Also strawberry yogurt...Love drinking yogurt..

It's a normal day...
It's a happy day.
It's my day...


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